AKT Organization

AKT Organization


The Union has 50 427 members (Dec. 31, 2009), of whom12 % women and 88 % men. All members are members in a local branch.

Union branches

There are altogether 141 local branches, which form the Union.


The Congress convenes every fourth year and elects the President, Union Secretary and Secretary of the Union, the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and the ordinary, deputy and general members of the General Council, and the ordinary, deputy and general members of the Executive Board.

General Council

The General council consists of the Chairman, the 1st and the 2nd Vice-Chairman and 37 members.

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the Executive Board Chairman, Union Secretary, Secretary and 17 members.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee works under the Executive Board, preparing matters for it. The committee consists of the President, Union Secretary, Secretary, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board, one Executive Board member, and the Chairman of the General Council and the Union Finance Manager who have the right to speak and be present.

Sectoral Sections and Committees

Sections (16) and Committees (5) function as adjuvant bodies preparing matters for the Executive Board.