Financial Holiday Support

Financial Holiday Support

AKT is a member organization of SAL, Finnish Trade Union Holiday organization.

SAL is a non-profit organization in the social and health sector, struggling to take action to improve public health particularly within the trade union movement. SAL negotiates on a yearly basis with RAY, Finland’s Slot Machine Association, over various kinds of supported holidays.

As a member of the Union, you are also entitled to apply for member benefit holidays negotiated by SAL in the various holiday resorts all over the country. More information about member benefit holidays at

You can apply for SAL-support financed by RAY either for an individual rehab holiday (kuntoremontti) or for a family rehab holiday.

Kuntoremontti Holiday

Kuntoremontti is a 5-7 days holiday for adults in employment, the purpose of which is to maintain working capacity and promote coping at work. A Kuntoremontti holiday always includes a fitness test, daily health counselling and directed physical training as well as individual training instructions to take home.

After about six months, the participants are provided an opportunity to follow up their training in “a health date” for two days. During the date, the day’s condition will be defined and training instructions updated.

Kuntoremontti holiday 2010

“Kuntoremontti” holidays for families

A “kuntoremontti” holiday is a five-day holiday with full board for a family with children. The holiday includes fitness tests and health counselling for adults, and directed exercise and leisure activities for the entire family. Tailored programme for children of all ages as well as for adults.

You can also apply for financial holiday support from Perhelomat.