Membership benefits

Membership Benefits

Interest Representation

The minimum terms and conditions of your employment are determined by the Collective Agreement concluded by AKT. At the workplace, your interests are represented and promoted by your union branch, shop stewards and health and safety delegates. The network of union branches and local union representatives constitutes the very foundation of interest representation. The Union personnel working at the regional offices and at the central office support local union representatives and assist both representatives and individual members in matters related to employment. More information

Legal Aid
Union members are entitled to free-of-charge legal aid to settle labour law disputes. Read more about legal aid and its conditions Members

As a member of the Union, you are entitled to the varied training organized and supported by the Union. You can either take courses organized by the Union itself or courses offered by Kiljavan opisto As a union member you have the right to apply for a training scholarship. More information Members

Holiday Resorts
The Union Holiday Resorts are available for members at affordable prices.

Financial Holiday Support
AKT is a member organization of SAL, Finnish Trade Union Holiday organization. As an AKT member, you are entitled to apply for financial holiday support from SAL. You can also apply for holiday support from Lomaliitto, Perhelomat and Solaris-lomat. More information on holiday support

AKT Magazine
AKT Magazine is published 15 times a year. The magazine is an important connecting link between the membership and the Union. The circulation of the Magazine is 52 000 copies and it is delivered to all members.

You will receive a Union Calendar every year.

Newspaper Benefit
Discount for subscription of labour newspapers is also a member benefit.

Membership Card Discounts
Union Membership Card can be used as a discount card at various places, e.g. at Teboil service stations for fuel and at Turva Insurance Company for insurances.

Unemployment Security
An AKT member is also a member in the Transport Workers’ Unemployment Fund. The Fund will secure your benefits in case of unemployment.

AKT MasterCard
An international payment period and credit card can be combined to your membership card.

Restel Hotel Group
Hotels Cumulus, Rantasipi, Ramada and Holiday Inn in Finland, Hotel Seurahuone in Helsinki, Ikaalisten kylpylä in Ikaalinen and Hotel Crown Palaza on Helsinki. You can choose between 45 hotels throughout Finland.

Contract prices for Restel Hotels are available at the online booking system via Hotellimaailma. AKT members can see the contract prices by using their own product code when booking. The product code will appear automatically when using the booking link below.

Bookings at membership price  with the product code AKT. Book here
Bookings also by phone from Restel Sales Centre with the code AKT, tel. 020 055 055.