Unemployment Fund

General Information on the Unemployment Fund

Employees working in the agreement sectors of AKT, Transport Workers’ Union and The Finish Seamans Union are members of the Transport Workers’ Unemployment Fund. Every member is a member in one of the 141 district agencies (branches) in the country.

The operation of the Unemployment Fund is regulated by the Act on Unemployment Funds and the Unemployment Security Act, and along with other legislation, the constitution of the Fund. The directions and regulations are ratified by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The operation of the Fund is supervised by the Insurance Supervisory Authority (VVV).

The domicile of the Fund is Helsinki and the territory of operation the entire country.

The Fund administrative bodies consist of the Congress, convening every fourth year, and the Fund Council, holding its statutory meetings in the spring and in the autumn, and the Fund Executive Committee, meeting when necessary.

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Unemployment Fund Contact Details

Kuljetusalan Työttömyyskassa
Entrance: Siltasaarenkatu 3-5, ground floor, Helsinki
Address: PL 65, 00531 Helsinki

The Fund Office is open
Weekdays 8.30-16.00
Summertime 8.30-15.30 (May-August)
Summer Fridays; 8.00-14.30 (May-August)

Benefit Processors’ Service Hours
Tel. (09) 613 111
Fax (09) 6131 1333

The Fund telephone service from Monday to Friday 9.00-12.00, tel 09 613 111. 
At the moment processing of earnings-related benefit takes on average 1 week from submitting the first benefit application.

Regional Offices