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The Transport Workers’ Unemployment Fund

The Transport Workers’ Unemployment Fund serves its members in all matters concerning unemployment and unemployment security.

The fund offers its members the following benefits:

  • earnings-related unemployment allowance for periods of unemployment and during the services offered by TE-offices
  • job alternation compensation for periods of job alternation leave.

Employees working in the agreement sectors of the Transport Workers’ Union AKT and the Finnish Seafarers´ Union FSU are members of the Transport Workers’ Unemployment Fund. The unemployment fund offers its members a range of modern services and membership benefits, online document management and flexible payment of benefits.


The operation of the Unemployment Fund is regulated by the Act on Unemployment Funds and the Unemployment Security Act, and along with other legislation, the constitution of the Fund. The directions and regulations are ratified by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The operation of the Fund is supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority.


The domicile of the Fund is Helsinki and the territory of operation the entire country.


Read more about the benefits in english at

The Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (TYJ) publishes every year a Guide to unemployment fund benefits, which provides information about the benefits paid by the unemployment funds.


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