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How to apply earnings-related allowance online

You can fill out and submit your application on the front page of the fund’s e-services by choosing ’Apply earnings-related allowance’. The system will automatically identify the required form type (first or follow-up application). 

If you apply the daily allowance for the first time or there are more than six months since your last payment date, the form that appears will be more extensive. In this case we will ask you questions to get a general idea about your situation (pages 1-4). The progress bar on the top of the form shows your progress within the form. This is the so called first application

If you are already receiving daily allowance or it has been less than 6 months from your last payment you will be directed to fill out the shorter application form, the so called follow up application. In this case you can move to “information about the application period” in this document.

Remember to apply for the earnings-related allowance within three months of the first day of the period you are claiming for.

Fill out pages 1 – 4 carefully and answer every question. 1. Personal information 2. employment data 3. benefits and 4. Entrepreneurship. In addition to your contact details you will be asked about more detailed questions about possible other benefits, any longer absence from the job market, entrepreneurship, etc.

The programme will automatically save drafts as you progress on the application page. You can easily return to your application if you wish to submit it later.  If you do not fill in the application completely at once, the information will be stored for 30 days in the system.

Information about application period

Make sure to fill out this part of the application carefully.  If you have received earning’s related allowance within the last six months you will be automatically directed to fill out this form. 

The first time you apply for an allowance, you can complete your application for a minimum of a two week period.  Later, the application is always completed either for a period of four weeks or once month. You can submit an application for a shorter period if, for example, you start full-time work that continues for more than two weeks or take a family leave in the middle of the application period. If you fill in an application for a period shorter than the normal application period of four calendar weeks or a month, the programme will ask for the reason for a the shorter application period.

The allowance is always applied retroactively. You can submit your application on the last day of your application period at the earliest. An application for a future period cannot be submitted for processing. 

The part ’Application period information’ is dived into two sections:  

  1. First, you have to select what your main activity has been during the application period. In addition to this, you can select several other options for the application period. If you have been working, the different employers must be reported. In the case of a follow-up application, the programme will show the status of the previous application by default. You can change the status by pressing the ‘Edit’- button. After you have selected the options for the application period, press ‘Continue’ to open the calendar section of the application form where you can fill out your daily activity. 

If you have been unemployed full-time and your situation has not changed since your previous application you can submit the application without opening and filling in the calendar section.

  1. In the second section you fill in the daily information.  Enter the information accurately for each day. For example, if you have selected that you have been employed, in training and unemployed during the application period, you can select one of these per day. The application form must contain either the hours and minutes worked or one of the other options selected above in green. You can not leave any day blank. Press ‘Continue’ to save the entries in the calendar section and move forward in the form.

Only include hours if you are working, on a paid vacation or paid sick leave. If you have chosen ‘unemployed’, ‘laid off’, ‘TE service’ or ‘training’ don’t include hours for those days. Working hours spent in entrepreneurial activities are not included in the application either. 

If you have been mostly unemployed during the application period, but worked a few days, follow these instructions:

Section 1. Make selections that apply to your situation (application period and activities during that period). Press ‘Continue’ to move to section 2. Make sure that you have written down the name of the employer. The form will only allow you to move on once you have given the name of your employer. This applies when an applicant reports working days during the application period. 

Section 2.  Daily information. Once you have filled in an option for each day the blue ‘Continue’ button will be activated and you can move on. 

Pay day 

Follow these instructions when filling out the information about your pay day:

  • Choose ‘Yes’ if you have had a pay day in the application period.
  • Choose ‘Yes’ if you report working hours in the application and the salary for those hours is paid e.g. next month.
  • Next you will be asked about your pay date. If the pay day doesn’t fall in the application period choose ‘No’.

If you have several pay days within the application period, press ‘Add day ‘ to add another pay day. 


If you have entrepreneurial activities they should be reported in the first application. Detailed questions regarding entrepreneurship will only be ask from applicants reporting business activities in the first part of the more extensive application form. 

If you have started working as an entrepreneur for example through an invoicing company, these activities should be reported under ‘Entrepreneurship’. The working hours as a entrepreneur will not be filled out in the application. 

In the case of a follow-up application, the programme will show the status of the previous application by default. If you don’t have entrepreneurial activities the form looks like this:

Send attachments

The application often requires attachments to determine one’s right to allowance. You can add attachments to your application by choosing ‘Edit’ in part ‘Attachments’ and ‘I deliver necessary attachments with this application’. Choose the type of the attachment in the menu and retrieve the attachment from your files. You can also send attachment separately from your application by choosing ‘Send attachments’ on the e-services front page.

The files you submit must be in .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif or .tiff format. The maximum size of the file attachments is 10 MB, which cannot be exceeded. You can either scan your documents or take photos of them. You do not need to use photograph quality resolution or colors for scanning documents.

You can add a maximum of 10 attachments to each application. 

  1. Click the button ‘Attach a file’.
  2. Choose the file type in the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the button ‘Select a file’. Retrieve the file from a directory on your computer.
  4. You can add another attachment by clicking ‘Attach a file’ again. 

NOTE:  The programme does not accept several files with the same name so make sure to give your attachments distinct names (e.g. pay slip 1, pay slip 2).

If you need to attach more than ten files, you can send the required additional attachments in the section ‘Application attachments’.

In the end of the application form remember to press ‘Sign and accept’ to submit your application. If you don’t want to submit your application yet, you will find an automatically saved draft by choosing ‘’Apply earnings-related allowance’ . The draft will be saved for 30 days.