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How to use Netta online service

The Unemployment Fund of the transport workers has an online service where you can apply daily allowance, update your information and send messages to the fund. You can use Netta online service on a computer, ipad or smartphone as long as you have an internet access.

You can log in to Netta: or by using the icon above.

How to log in to our web service Netta

Log in using e-Identification. e-Identification is a shared identification service for public administration e-services. The use of e-services is safe, and your privacy is protected after you have been identified. You can carry out e-Identification using your personal online banking codes, a certificate card, a mobile certificate or eIDAS identification.

If you have problems logging in with e-Identification, please contact the Public Service Info.

Using our online service is worth your while! Filing an e-service application usually speeds up processing. Filling out an e-service application is handy, since renewal applications will open prefilled.

Through this online service, you can:

Send an application to the unemployment fund

Send attachments to the application

Browse and change your own personal data

Send a message to the unemployment fund