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If You Become Unemployed

What to Do If You Become Unemployed

1. Register at the TE office.

Register as an unemployed job seeker at the TE office. Make sure you register by the end of your first day of unemployment or layoff. You will not be able to register retroactively!

You can register via the TE office’s online service, “Oma asiointi”. You can get further information on the TE office web pages. If you are unable to register through “Oma asiointi”, you can begin job seeking also by visiting the TE office personally. The TE office will issue a labour policy statement to the fund. Without this statement, the fund cannot pay earnings-related unemployment allowance.

2. Apply for earnings-related unemployment allowance.

Fill out your first unemployment allowance application when you have been unemployed for about two weeks. You may not apply for unemployment allowance in advance. Do remember to send your application within three months after becoming unemployed. The retrospective application time for unemployment allowance is three months, and the benefit will not be paid retroactively for any time longer than this without serious grounds.

The unemployment fund recommends that you send your unemployment allowance application to the fund immediately after two weeks of unemployment even if you have received some financial benefit from your previous employer, such as golden parachute. For example New Path (“Uusi Polku”) compensation in Posti.

Fill out the application starting with the first day of unemployment.

You can fill in the application through the e-service. You can find online service instructions here. You can also obtain unemployment allowance applications at any TE office.

3. Submit the application’s attachments to the fund.

The fund needs the following attachments in order to process your application:

  • From your employer, a certificate of salary payments for at least 26 weeks that fulfill the condition of employment. The certificate must include specified amounts of holiday pays and holiday compensations as well as any other paid instalments, such as lump-sum benefits and bonuses. In addition to this, the certificate of salary payments should indicate any unpaid periods and reasons for them;
  • A copy of the testimonial if you are completely unemployed;
  • A copy of the work contract if you have been laid off or are working part-time;
  • A copy of the notice of termination of employment or a copy of layoff notice if you have been laid off.

Depending on your personal situation, please provide the following attachments to your application as well:

  • If you are receiving any social benefit, such as pension, sickness allowance, maternity/paternity/parental allowance or home care allowance: The decision of each granted benefit;
  • If you are working part-time, laid off, or if you have any part-time business income: The salary certificate, payslip or some other reliable proof of your income during the application period;
  • If you have any part-time business income, or if you receive income from agriculture or forestry: The latest confirmed tax decision.

The unemployment fund gets your data for withholding tax directly from the tax authorities. Nevertheless, you may obtain a new tax card for this benefit if you wish. In that case, your tax will be withheld in accordance with the data on the new tax card without any increase. The unemployment fund will not get the data on your new tax card from the tax authorities automatically. So please submit the new tax card directly to the fund.

You can submit attachments through the e-service or send them to us by post.

4. Send a renewal application.

Enclosed with the first decision, you will receive a letter from the fund. The letter will advise you as to what period of time you may fill out in your next application. From then on, you may always apply for unemployment allowance every four weeks or in periods of one calendar month each. You will always receive an application on paper together with your advice of payment, but you can still fill out the application through the online service. At best, a renewal application filled out online may be ready to be paid even within two days.